Generating constant awareness

You have comprehensive cyber security policies and all your people have been trained. But it's not enough.

You need to ensure that cyber safety remains at the front of people's minds, as they conduct their day to day tasks.

Inevitably, and especially when people are rushed or tired, they will forget what they should be doing to remain cyber safe. This is why you need an awareness programme that kicks in at the point of risk. When they first log in. When they are about to click on a link in an email for instance. Even when they are having a break.

As well as physical prompts, you need your team members to remind their colleagues to behave safely. In fact cyber safety should become a cultural norm across your organisation, with unsafe behaviour considered unacceptable because of the risks it brings to the wider team.

cyber4HR will help you develop simple awareness programmes that bake cyber safe behaviour into the fabric of your organisation.