Why we are different

cyber4HR was founded to address the internal cyber risks that all organisations face.

Too often the focus is on external risks. In part this is because information security teams generally find it hard to manage the behaviour of people across the wider organisation. It is also because managers assume that information security needs technological solutions that IT should implement. Of course that's true. But there is also a need for solutions that address the risks in business processes and human behaviour.

We founded cyber4HR because we realised that internal risk was often the 'poor relation' in cyber security. Information security experts rarely have expertise in managing non-technical people. It is still rarer that they have the resources or influence to change behaviour.

Our consultants are specialists in how to manage internal cyber risk. The founder Jeremy Swinfen Green has over 20 years experience with digital businesses. He has written extensively on cyber security and risk management and is the author of Cyber security: an introduction for non technical managers (Gower Publishing, October 2015).

If you would like to know more about how we can help you manage your internal cyber risks, then please Contact us.