Internal cyber threats

Information security breaches. They are everywhere and they seem to be growing. And around half of them are caused internally, by empoyees who are badly trained, careless, or even malicious.

Your IT department is probably confident about managing external threats to cyber security. But managing the internal theat should not be their responsibility. It is something for HR managers and for managers generally.

That is because many of the solutions are not technological. They are human. Which is why you need specialists to audit your internal risks and help you manage them.

If you are worried about internal cyber threats then talk to cyber4HR. We are a small team of experienced cyber security consultants focussed on managing internal threats from employees who act unsafely or maliciously.

Internal cyber threats can be managed

Remember: cyber threats don't just come from criminals and hackers. Your employees also present a major threat, either through accidental behaviour, a lack of knowledge or deliberately. But you can manage these risks.

Risk audits

Internal cyber risks can be found anywhere in your organisation. Many are trivial. Some are extremely dangerous. These need to be identified and managed eeffectively.

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A strong safety culture is essential if you want to protect againt cyber risks. It starts at the top of course, but you need to create a positive culture across your organisation.

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It's not enough to have information security policies. People need to understand and accept them and have the skills to comply with them. Our training is fun, relevant and effective.

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Your employees should be constantly aware of cyber security. We help you deliver reminders at the point of risk and develop a culture where unsafe behaviour is unacceptable.

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You can't manage what you don't measure. That's especially true in the fast changing world of cyber security. We provide relevant KPIs so you can see how effective your risk management is.

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